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Singh vs Kaur - Review

 Singh vs Kaur is a full-blown masala entertainer that establishes Gippy Grewal as the first real action hero of Punjab who can smash the baddies on the ground almost effortlessly. In fact, we feel that the movie’s name should have been “Rowdy Singh” or "Dabangg Singh" instead of ‘Singh vs Kaur’ as the movie turns out to be an action comedy rather than a romantic flick as suggested by the title.

Produced by a D. Ramanaidu, a multilingual producer, Singh vs. Kaur packs in some southy-styled stunts that would definitely make the masses jump. With peppy songs, dances, humour, romance and thunderous action available in abundance, Singh vs Kaur makes for pure entertainment. 


Directed by talented Navaniat Singh, Singh vs Kaur unravels a story of Nihal Singh (Gippy Grewal) – a young man from a village in Nabha, who in an attempt to get rid of an unwanted marriage proposal, ends up lying to his entire village that he loves somebody named ‘Jasneet Kaur’ (Surveen Chawla) from Vancouver. In reality, Jasneet is a girl, who Nihal and his friend & partner in crime, Taari (Binnu Dhillon) find on the internet and keep a picture of her to show as a proof to the village. Coaxed by his mother and a nagging village ‘Taayi’, Nihal Singh sets out for Canada to stay with Taari’s Chacha (B.N. Sharma) and get his help in finding the whereabouts of Jasneet. There he also meets a girl named, Simrat (Japji Khaira) who informs him that Jasneet belongs to one of the wealthiest family in Vancouver and that it would be very difficult for him to reach her. However, the luck favors our brave ‘Singh’ who ends up becoming the body guard of Jasneet after saving her life twice from the goons who want to kill her. Once again pressed by his mother and Taayi, Nihaal Singh has to somehow bring Jasneet to his village. What follows next are more lies, cover-ups, goof-ups and contradicting tales that would keep you entertained almost throughout.

The writing by Dheeraj Rattan with all the gags, punches and action sequences keep you hooked and thoroughly entertained through the entire first half. It's only towards the latter part – when some emotional scenes of Jasneet and ‘Bebbe’ are thrown in -- that things begin to go downhill. The runtime of the movie (almost two and a half hours) also contributes in setting ennui somewhere. Perhaps, the director could’ve shed some extra flab from the narrative (like, lengthy hackneyed dialogues that are not always funny), making it a crisper, and a more compelling affair. In fact, in the second half, you constantly feel that things are being stretched a bit. The complete removal of B.N. Sharma's character from the 2nd half was another turn-off. B.N. Sharma – who is totally in form in the movie, definitely deserved to be seen more!

When it comes to performances, there are no second thoughts as to who leads the pack. It’s Gippy, Gippy and Gippy all the way. The actor sheds his inhibitions and delivers an incredible, knockout performance. The sincerity in his performance shows all through and indeed, he deserves to be called as the ACTION hero of Punjab now. 
Binnu Dhillon is adorable. Cast in a role that suits his stereotype, Binnu handles his part with remarkable ease . Avatar Gill shines in his role as the concerned father of Sapna. Karamjit Anmol really didn’t have much to do  but the expressions on his face and his getup will surely make the audience laugh. B.N. Sharma is too good. The man has such an incredible sense of humour and charm attached to him that makes his performance a delight to watch. Surveen Chawla is endearing but Japji Khaira scores more points in the acting department. Although Japji’s looks are a little played down in comparison to Surveen, yet she turns out to be a character that leaves impact. Jatinder Shah’s music is also one of the highlights of the movie and the songs are well placed. The villian guy is average (would not like to put his name over here for it might kill the suspense). I would also like to praise Sean Bindra who played the role of B.N. Sharma's son. His accented Punjabi provides some nice doses of laughter in the first half.   

On the whole, Singh vs Kaur is a slick action comedy that would set new benchmarks for the Punjabi film industry. Go for Gippy Grewal who performs like never before. But the sparks missing in the 2nd half might bore you a bit. However, with all its strengths and weaknesses, Singh vs Kaur turns out to be a nice entertainer watchable with family! 

Ballewood Rating: 3.5/5 

(Review written with inputs from Gurkirat Sidhu and Prakriti Malhotra)

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