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Review of Ronde Saare Viah Picho (RSVP)

A movie with a female lead dominating the hero - an unconventional storyline running with suspense backdrop in the first half, awesome cinematography, comedy in tidbits, splendid showcase of Punjabi weddings, power-packed performances at display but an unconvincing second half and climax - this is how Ronde Saare Viah Picho can be summarized in a few words.  A movie by Himmat Ventures and directed by Vijay Kumar Arora starts off with a bang and amuses the audience wonderfully from the beginning itself. Punjabi audience is literally taken aback to see the wedding of hero and heroine taking place in the film's outset itself. Something totally different , isn't it? For those who think RSVP is another addition to the comedy flicks will be taken by surprise as the film does not depend on comedy at all to captivate the audience's attention. Yes, of course, when the likes of Jaswinder Bhalla, Rana Ranbir and the great import from bollywood, Rajpal Yadav are there, so comedy is going to be there, but that is limited and the director's intention is not just to make people laugh but rather engage the audience with a never-heard before storyline in Punjabi cinema and great screenplay. 

The film is about a family that earns its living by getting married to boys and run away with the groom's family's assets like, jewellery, money etc on the first night of the wedding itself! I don't want to talk anymore about the plot of this movie, as unintentionally, I might end up revealing what should not be revealed! But I can assure you that visiting a theatre to watch RSVP isn't a bad idea at all, and you would definitely come back entertained if you don't look into the logic much. 


Technically sound, RSVP captures Amritsar splendidly well - Not only the scenes involving the Golden Temple, but also, the narrow, jampacked roads and inner lanes of Amritsar! The suspense is built very well in the first half and the audience keeps thinking intriguingly as to what will happen next as the plot seems totally unpredictable till the interval. In fact, you are so engrossed in the goings on of the film, that it seems that the interval came quite early. The screenplay and editing is tight and there's no scope of boredom at all. The first half portrays the big fat Punjabi weddings beautifully, very good representation of all the ceremonies like, 'Jaago' etc, and the perfect music to match with. 

However, talking about the flip side, the second half is full of many absurdities and illogical elements. We really don't understand why Ranbir wants to trust the family again that duped him in the first half. Couldn't they be using him again to get out of the danger situation they had got themselves into? Why didn't Ranbir tell Brar the truth in the beginning itself. Knowing the truth, he wouldn't have let the wedding take place with such a girl anyway! The suspense that was built in the first half makes one think for a moment, if the movie belongs to the 'thriller' genre but since all the suspense falls flat in the second half, the movie comes back to the usual 'romcom' mode. Anyhow the romantic and action scenes are dealt with really well, and Neeru's and Harish's chemistry rocks!

As far as the performances are concerned,  RSVP is Neeru's one of the best performances so far. Like Naughty Jatts, in this movie also, she gets an ample chance to showcase her amazing acting abilities and she quite successfully proves that she's a great actor and not just decked up doll in the movie. She looks gorgeous in all her costumes with the makeup and jewellery being the icing on the cake. Harish Verma is too good as an actor - his cute lover-boy looks, amazing dialogue delivery and really nice expressions prove that the young man has the potential to lead our 'Ballewood'. His action scenes and emotional scenes - both are 10 on 10.  The chemsitry of Neeru and Harish is like a budding new jodi of 'Ballewood' as, both look cute together. Other performances of the senior actors like Jaswinder bhalla and Navneet Nishan add great flavor to the movie as both fit perfectly in their characters. The sad part is that an awesome actor like, Rajpal Yadav is wasted but anyhow, he makes us laugh in whatever little role he's given. Rana Ranbir's performance can be taken as a 'guest performance' only and is just average. Pukhraj Bhalla's is cute.  Veteran actor like, Guggu Gill is awesome in his role as a strict, boisterous, 'mafia-kinda' Jatt. 

The movie is all and all decent entertainer with an unconventional storyline.  The ethnic Punjabi tadka, Neeru and Harish's acting and peppy music make the movie a must-watch. But the second half is cliched and doesn't live up to the expectations built in the first half!

Ballewood rating: 3/5

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