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Naughty Jatts Review

A lot of expectations were riding high on Naughty Jatts since it was promoted really heavily for the last few weeks. Of course, this led to the movie generating a lot of curiosity and interest instantly, but now the question is whether ‘Naughty Jatts’ actually lives up to all the expectations or not? The answer, well, depends totally on what kind of an audience you are!  If you simply want to enjoy and have a good time with family or want to escape from the monotony of routine life, then Naughty Jatts would definitely work for you! However, if you are a critical movie viewer, then Naughty Jatts has a few flaws that unfortunately, prevent it to get featured amongst the best Punjabi comedies of all time.  

The ‘Carry on Jatta’, ‘Lucky Di Unlucky Story’, ‘Jatts in Golmaal’ and recently released, ‘Best of Luck’ screenplay and story writer, Naresh Kathooria is also, the man behind ‘Naughty Jatts’. He, along with the director, Pankaj Batra rolls out a film which is a nice departure from the ongoing slapstick-comedy trend in our film industry. Naughty Jatts, deserves all the praise for being a nice situational comedy involving four principal characters named, Rocky (Arya Babbar), BD, pronounced as, Beedi (Roshan Prince), Laali (Binnu Dhillon) and Simi (Neeru Bajwa). The three guys are the ‘Jatts’ who fall in love with the same girl – Simi. Simi  aspires to become a singer and is also, determined to marry a singer only but her father (B.N. Sharma) doesn’t want her daughter to get into the singing field at all. In fact, he wants Laali, (who is a close friend of Simi) to stop her chances of releasing a duet album with Rocky at any cost. To impress Simi, Rocky seeks the help of his cousin, Beedi, who sings for him in the background and Rocky mouths the words, while, Laali pretends to be a friend of singer “Diljit Dosanjh” in an attempt to attract Simi.

For Hindi movie watchers, it’s no surprise that Naughty Jatts’ plot resembles closely with yesteryear’s Sunil Dutt, Kishore Kumar and Saira Banu classic, Padosan. However, the good news that the whole playback singing sequence between Arya Babbar and Roshan Prince is handled refreshingly well. The very first time when BD sings for Rocky on the terrace is emotionally moving and hilarious at the same time. Kudos to the director for handling that song with élan; then the entire studio recording scene involving Rocky doing silly things just to delay his recording while BD getting stuck in the court and arriving just on time, is superb as well. Now these are the scenes that make you laugh even without any long witty dialogues. Scenes involving Karamjit Anmol’s phone set on ‘vibrator mode’ were well thought-out and truly side-splitting!

But talking about the flipside, there definitely are a few things that make the movie a bit sluggish. A good script like, Naughty Jatts deserved to be presented in a smart, slick and edgy way. One of the major letdowns was the outset of the film involving the ‘Neeru Bajwa’ shooting scene. That was not a ‘bang’ start at all for a movie that was promoted so well and eagerly waited for! It doesn’t really make sense why there was a need to make Simi’s character a look-alike of Neeru Bajwa. Another weakness is the characterization of BD. BD is certainly not given the kind of screen space and dialogues that his character ideally should have got!

Performances wise, Binnu Dhillon once again, takes the cake away. He is one of the male leads and has a vital role to play in the movie. The film heavily depends on his shoulders and this super-talented man doesn’t disappoint anyone. This is easily, one of the best performances of Binnu Dhillon in his entire career of comedies. Right from his costumes, his hand gestures, his facial expressions and dialogues, Binnu oozes humour which can leave you rolling on your seats with laughter. Brownie points to this supremely talented actor for yet another flawless performance! In Naughty Jatts, Arya Babbar’s character faces direct competition from Binnu Dhillon to which, Arya Babbar responds well. His performance seems honest and even though, Binnu overshadows everybody, yet Arya leaves his mark!

Roshan Prince, is a great find for the Punjabi film industry. He deserves praise for his fantastic performance and beautiful songs that he’s sung for the movie. As far as Neeru Bajwa is concerned, thankfully, we finally, get to see her in a movie in which she gets a chance to display her acting talent. Apart from looking gorgeously beautiful, the actress sparkles in every sequence with her superb acting that adds so much weight to her character.  B.N. Sharma is truly first-rate while, Karamjit Anmol is wonderful, especially, in the final moments of the film.

Ballewood Rating: 3/5

Cast: Arya Babbar, Neeru Bajwa, Roshan Prince, Binnu Dhillon, Karamjit Anmol, & many more

Genre: Comedy/Musical/Romance

Produced By: Multiline Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

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