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Mr. and Mrs. 420 - Review

A movie abounding infinite hilarity, clean, inane humour that will have you rolling with laughter in those two hours, Mr. and Mrs. 420 is a MUST-WATCH for all of us who are fans of Punajbi cinema. Even if you lost interest in Punjabi films owing to dismal run of flops for quite some time, you sure won’t be disappointed with this one!

One of the major reasons that Mr. and Mrs. 420 works is because of honest performances by all the actors (read actors..not stars!), amazing plot and the simplicity that oozes off from every single frame. In fact, Mr. and Mrs. 420 is one movie that proves that you don’t necessarily need to shoot abroad to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the movie, rather the sprawling lush green fields of Punjab, the worn out buildings, and even your hero riding a simple Atlas cycle on the road full of potholes can make for splendid cinematography, if only, one knows how to shoot!  

Now, let's get this straight! There's nothing in Mr. and Mrs. 420 that you haven't watched before. It has a standard theme, several clichés that you may have seen in earlier films, but what works is the fact that the journey to the destination is full of amusement and entertainment. The humor in this film is more situational, in your face, and goofier. You don’t feel that the dialogues are written just for the sake of making you laugh, rather, they are there because the situation demands it and they seem to be coming out naturally from the mouths of characters not forcefully. The wit and humor is just too good. You can't help but break into a smile or loud laughter at the most absurd, preposterous situations, which is what the intent is. 

mr-and-mrs-420-coverSmeep Kang has written an amazing plot and Naresh Kathuria’s dialogues complement it very well. Director Kshhitij Chaudhary has made sure that the film never goes astray and stays true to its motive which is just non-stop entertainment. You go with the flow of the film without making much effort. You laugh, celebrate the silly gags and by the time the story reaches its conclusion, you realize that the film has won you over with its uncomplicated plot and basic characters.

The only flip side to the movie is that Cancer plot, which was not all that necessary. Making fun of a serious disease isn’t what we think counts as a good humour.

As far as the performances are concerned, Mr. and Mrs. 420 belongs to not just one actor, but the entire pentacle of Binnu Dhillon, Jaswinder Bhalla, Babbal Rai, Jassi Gill and Yuvraj Hans.  Talking about Binnu Dhillon, he nails the character beautifully and fits into the dual role perfectly. The way he makes people laugh with all his feminine acts as “Neeru” just goes to show how superbly talented this man is! He gets to portray the part of an entertainer, a character which is *not* everyone's cup of tea. The same goes with the youngster Babbal Rai who scores full marks as his role as Babbu as well as Pinky. He makes sure that he carries off the part with amazing ease. Yuvraj Hans displays his acting prowess amazingly as well. On one side, his hilarious expressions tickle your funny bone while on the other, the innocence in his eyes makes you fall in love with his character. His emotional scenes win our hearts just as equally as the funny ones. Jassi Gill has proved as well that he can handle both comedy as well as serious moments with equal flourish.  Jaswinder Bhalla is a treat to watch on the big screen after a hiatus. He is in terrific form and his chemistry with Binnu Dhillon is simply wonderful. As far as the heroines are concerned, Swati Kapoor lends a lot of grace to her character and the pairing with Yuvraj looks fresh and charming. Shruti Sodhi plays her part decently while, Avantika Hundal is decent in a small role as well.

The music by Jassi Katyal and Jaidev Kumar suits the mood of the film. The sad song featuring Yuvraj Hans in the second half takes you to a different zone completely for a while.

On the whole, Mr. and Mrs. 420 is an amazing entertainer all the way!  We just hope that it has a heroic run at the ticket window as well.


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