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Best of Luck - Review

Punjabi movie industry is going through a sea change in all departments. The mood within the industry is that of experimentation and trialing and a lot is being done. In Best of Luck, Director Manmord Sidhu and writer Dheeraj Ratan choose an interesting plot, garnish it well with humor and emotions, cast splendid actors and lace it all with amazing foot-tapping music and  the result is an entertaining two-hour joyride!


The aesthetic appeal of the film is very high with some awesome cinematography (Toby Gorman) capturing the beautiful locales of Vancouver. Slick, young, and lively- that’s how ‘Best of Luck’ can be best described - a movie that offers nothing really to complain about. This movie is definitely not meant for the serious movie watchers as the film-maker (Manmord Sidhu) makes it very clear at the outset– Let’s just entertain!

Kullu (Gippy Grewal) and Happy (Binnu Dhillon) are friends living in Vancouver, Canada and earning their living by delivering Pizzas. Kullu falls for Simran (Sonam Bajwa) while, Happy finds his childhood sweetheart Kammo too in the same city. Kammo is a doctor and her brother (Naresh Kathuria) wants her to get married to a doctor only. He right away rejects the proposal brought by Happy and insults him along with Kullu at his place. Happy is heartbroken and suicidal, so to help his friend, Kullu devises a plan to abduct Kammo’s brother. Their plan backfires, when instead of Kammo’s brother, they end up kidnapping a gangster, named – Goli (Jazzy B). On realizing that by mistake they had kidnapped a deadly goon, Happy and Kullu are ready to do anything that Goli asks them to. Goli is in deep personal trouble as well and wants Kullu to act as Preet’s (Simran Kaur Mundi) boyfriend and impress her grandfather – Mr. Jarnail Singh (Puneet Issar) a retired brave police officer. Goli knows that Jarnail Singh would never approve him to be his grand-son-in-law since he is a gangster. The story gets interesting when Jarnail Singh is hell bent on finding at least one negative point in Kullu to reject the proposal as he doesn’t feel that Kullu is capable of becoming his grand-daughter’s husband either.

With foot-tapping songs and energetic dialogue delivery, loads of humor and tremendous youth appeal, Best of Luck is a full-on masala film, more of a fun ride. Sure, one does feel that Best of Luck. is caught up in seen-it-all-before-in-Hindi-movies situations, but what saves the film is the excellent performances and crisp storyline that don't give you any moment to think seriously. 

But the film falters at places. Though it thrives on jokes, some of them fall flat and aren't as enjoyable, especially, in the second half. Besides, the film takes in a lot of cinematic liberties. For example, we don’t really understand what exactly happens when Jarnail Singh announces Kullu and Preet’s engagement and why Kullu doesn’t call Simran (on her cell phone, for God's sake!!)  to clear up the misunderstanding!! He could always take his girlfriend into confidence while executing Goli’s plan! Also, the character of Jazzy B comes across as quite unreal. Besides the shooting of the bottles scene, there was nowhere where Jazzy B was established as a boisterous goon who could not be easily caught by Canadian police. Even in the action department, Gippy takes the lead!

But despite the absurdities and a few illogical situations, Best of Luck works. One of the aces of the film is, without doubt, its musical score (Jatinder Shah/Sukshinder Shinda). There’s not just one but four tracks that have become hugely popular. 91 ya 92, Happy Shappy, Jatt Kaim and Desi tadka all are entertaining!


As far as performances are concerned, everyone wanted to know how Jazzy B would do in his debut. Well, the good news is that Jazzy B does decent enough in whatever role he is given. Of course, he could’ve been better in the emotional department, but his whacky spiked up and peacock-colored hair, stylish attire and not to mention, his uber cool yellow Hummer would make everyone go crazy. Gippy Grewal as usual, delivers a charming, charismatic performance. Binnu Dhillon is dependable as always. He is one actor who fits into any role perfectly. In fact, both Binnu and Gippy deliver one of the finest, accomplished and dexterous acts. The scene when Binnu wants to fall off the bridge attempting to commit suicide is just astounding. Both the actors manage to humorously handle the situation which was actually, quite poignant. Simran Kaur Mundi looks lovely and enacts her part with utmost confidence. Sonam Bajwa is pretty and decent.
Puneet Issar plays his part brilliantly well and deserves to be seen more in Punjabi cinema. Karamjit Anmol’s Haryanvi accent Punjabi makes everyone laugh.

On the whole, Best of Luck is an awesome entertainer that has an interesting storyline, good humour and some amazing music and action.

Ballewood rating: 3.5/5

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