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When Jazzy B met with Death...

Superstar Jazzy B, who was rehearsing for an action sequence for his upcoming Punjabi film titled – Romeo Ranjha (earlier Rambo Ranjha), narrowly escaped from death after his jet ski capsized in Pattaya beach, at Bangkok.

The safety staff was quick to act though. While the crew came in with a boat immediately, two men swam across the beach to save both Jazzy B and Garry Sandhu (his co-star). Although Garry escaped with minor cuts, it took as much as 30 minutes to bring Jazzy B, back to consciousness who was rushed to hospital immediately.

According to film’s producer, Gunbir Singh Sidhu, this incident took place in January, however, on Jazzy’s request they decided to stay mum on this issue, as he didn’t want this thing to be known in media. “Jazzy was worried about his family esp, his children panicking, so although he suffered major injuries, he wanted us to keep quiet.”

On contacting Jazzy on phone, he told exclusively, that what he experienced in those 30-minutes was no less than a miracle. "I literally left my body. I could feel everyone trying to resuscitate me. I remember my whole life flashing before my eyes, and surprisingly, I wasn’t thinking about winning awards or anything like that. The only thing I cared about was that I wanted to live because I did not want to leave my family so soon. I was floating up there thinking, "No, I don't want to die.” And that was when I pleaded with God. I could almost feel a white light, probably death, probably God - pulling me from above. Honestly, for about a few seconds, I felt and believed that I ‘died’”.

Romeo Ranjha is going to be Punjab’s first ever movie that will show case unprecedented action. The most awaited film this summer, it boasts of Dhoom series type action and interestingly, the action choreographer is none other than Allan Amin – the man who has directed action for Dhoom series in Bollywood.

Besides Jazzy B and Garry Sandhu, the film stars Aman Grewal and Parul Gulati. The film is believed to be a con comedy/thriller and is directed by Navaniat Singh.

Pictures of the that shot later...




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