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The 'name game' in Ballewood

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet", very accurately said by Shakespeare. As such, name hardly makes a difference but if you see the other side, it might make a little difference in someone’s life and those who believe in numerology have all the reasons to bring about a change in their names. In most of the cases, if we talk about numerology, people are asked to either add or delete a letter or two in their names. Though very rarely, but change of name is also suggested. But when it comes to filmy duniya, be it bollywood or ballewood, the change happens, depending upon the acceptability of the audience. Just the way 'Jatin Khanna' became 'Rajesh Khanna', 'Ravi Kapoor' became 'Jeetendra', our actors in Ballewood also seem to be quite fond of changing their names - in some cases, their full names!

gippy-newBut come to think of it, would it really make any difference to us if people who make us laugh, cry and dance with them, if they had a different name than the one projected as their screen name? I don’t think so. Do you?  No doubt, a person is known by his or her name, it does become one’s identity but it has got nothing to do with our feelings for them. Check it for yourself.

Do you think, it would have made any difference if a handsome sikh boy was called Rupinder and not Gippy?? Without any doubt people would still have loved this singer-turned actor just like they do now. In a filmi-career-span of less than 3 years, the kind of appreciation and popularity he’s got with movies like Mel Karaade Rabba, Jinhe Mera Dil Lutteya, Carry On Jatta and the latest one being Singh Vs. Kaur, is incredible.

neeruThanks to some of her superhit movies like Mel Karaade Rabba, Jinhe Mera Dil Lutteya,  Jatt and Juliet etc, Neeru Bajwa is a household name now, especially in Punjab but before making her entry in Ballewood, name of this Canada-born girl was Arshvir Bajwa. We will keep appreciating her beauty and acting even if she chooses to change her name to Arshvir once again. Don’t you agree?

jimmyJasjeit Shergill thought it to be a better idea to be called Jimmy Shergill when he was introduced in Gulzar’s ‘Maachis’ 17 years ago and we love him for his style, his acting, his conviction in the characters he plays. He made his entry in Ballewood quite late with Yaraan Naal Baharaan in 2005, but what an entry it was and now that he is also a producer (with the movie Dharti), Jimmy is much more popular and successful or it could be that his popularity and success only prompted him to become a producer. For his fans it hardly makes a difference, whether they call him Jasjeit or Jimmy, because of the talented actor he is and a niche that he’s carved for himself with his looks and acting skills.

ghuggiNo one, at the moment can beat Gurpreet Ghuggi’s comedy with hilarious acts in movies like Mundey UK De, Pataa Nahi Rabb Kehdeyan Rangaan Vich Raazi and Carry On Jatta . One bursts into peals of laughter once he opens his mouth. Although he didn’t change his initials but his full name is Gurpreet Singh Waraich but that won’t stop us giggling with him while watching him on-screen and for that matter off-screen too.

mahie gillBefore she acted in the movie Hawaayein which was dubbed in hindi and Punjabi as well, Mahie was known by the name of
Rimpy yes, if sources are to be believed then, Mahie Gill’s real name is Rimpy Kaur Gill. But after seeing her performance in Punjabi movies like 'Mitti Wajjan Maardi' and 'Carry On Jatta' alongwith successful hindi movies, can a change in name make her fans love her less for the roles she portrays on the silver-screen?


Chandigarh-da-munda Babbu Mann who became a singing sensation with his hit album 'Saun Di Jhadi' has a big name in terms of popularity and length of the name too! Yes, the singer-turned-actor who became producer with the movie Hawaayein in 2003 and has given movies like 'Ekam- Son of Soil', 'Hero Hitler in Love' etc, has a name which so many of us might not be aware of.. his full name is Tejinder Singh Mann.

So, that brings us to the conclusion that how right Shakespeare is in saying… what’s in a name? because what matters is the person and not the name!! 

Here's a complete list of the real names of our Ballewood stars: (with inputs from Prakriti Malhotra)

  • Neeru Bajwa: Arshvir Bajwa
  • Jimmy Shergill: Jasjeit Shergill
  • Babbu Mann: Tejinder Singh Mann
  • Mandy Takhar: Mandeep Takhar
  • Mahie Gill: Rimpi Gill
  • Gippy Grewal: Rupinder Grewal
  • Yo Yo Honey Singh: Hirdesh Singh
  • Binnu Dhillon: Varinder Singh Dhillon
  • Gurpreet Ghuggi: Gurpreet Singh Waraich


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